I had the pleasure to take newborn photos of this gorgeous newborn baby boy!

Baby J. was A.Dore.Able!  newborn boy photography newborn boy photography smiling newborn boy photography newborn boy photography

Sometimes it can be a little hard to get great pictures of a boy.  Girls have all the cute lace, and the adorable headbands, flowers and girly things.  But boys… well it can be harder to find just the right accessories.  This baby, besides having the clearest skin I have ever seen in a 7 day old, had the PERFECT accessories.

I set up in his living room, and as luck would have it, they had a big window with lots of good lighting.  I took with my a trusty brown fur swatch of fabric, and it fit perfectly with his vibe.  His mom loved the navy blue background, and everything was turning out so cute with a jersey knit cream colored wrap.  We snuggled him in with a plush rabbit that was so cute.  There is something about rabbits.  Besides having three pet rabbits of my own, it seemed fitting to have him snuggle with an animal because he lives on a dairy!  🙂  Love me some cows!  Then, his mommy showed me a little knit hat.  And this is where you might need to grab a tissue.

His big brother had worn the same newborn hat.

And the name on the hat?  Well it had been on his daddy’s uniform when he served our country.

newborn boy photography


Sniff!!!  I just loved how it fit him, and how sentimental and beautiful it was!  Baby J was so sleepy near the end, we had time to take a few unexpected shots, like this cute one with his belly button,

newborn boy photography


and this adorable one with his ultrasound picture.

newborn boy photography


These of course are just a few from his great album, but I think it paints a nice picture of how awesome newborn boy photo shoots can be.  Who says you need flowers and all that stuff?

Are you expecting a baby boy soon?  If so, and you would like ideas on what to include for your session, or you just want to ask a photographer and plan your session so it’s sure to be a success, click below to be in touch.  I would love to talk baby and ooh and aah with you!

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