Empowering Women Through Photography

For every three children you see in society, there is one that is missing.  1 in 4 children has lost it’s life to the tragedy of abortion.

And if you look at three women side by side, one of them has had an abortion.  1 in 3 women is a post abortive mom.

Including me.  And it nearly killed me.

Let me be very clear before you read on.  I will never judge a woman for her past decisions regarding abortion.  This is not the time to judge.  This is the time to embrace women with love and kindness.

Society is teaching women everywhere that abortion is the only or the best answer to a crisis pregnancy.  I believe that women are largely motivated by fear of the unknown, and fear of judgement.

Not only did I have an abortion, but I faced two more crisis pregnancies after it.

I carried my two children to term, despite the fear.

During the time I was pregnant with my daughter, I was alone, abandoned and afraid.  I literally lived in an extended stay hotel.  And it was terrifying. 

And then I was given a gift.  A beautiful woman in Dallas Texas gifted me with a photo shoot, free of charge.  I saw the beauty of not only my pregnancy, but of my situation.  This was the beginning of a life changing journey, one of hope and love.  

A complete stranger became a life long friend, and showed me through photography that strength and courage are innate in all women, pregnant or not.  She empowered me with her photography.

There are many people who use their words to speak for or against abortion.  Often those words are harsh, judgmental, rude, or angry.   Sometimes the loudest voices are the most inactive.  Walking around using your mouth to argue against something has little impact.  In fact, it can make things worse.

But the beauty  is that we are all given talents and gifts, and we can use those talents and gifts to encourage life.  Are you a talented seamstress?  Sew baby blankets, and give them to women who are in need.  Are you a lawyer?  Give women of crisis pregnancies free legal aid during their child custody cases or adoption procedures.  Do you have a business?  Can you give women of crisis pregnancies a job?  Even though they will be needing maternity leave soon?  We can all make sacrifices and give of our time, our talents, and our abilities to encourage women. 

empowering women through photography crisis pregnancy

A photo taken in a dressing room. I was six months along, but so malnourished, baby wasn’t growing.

My beautiful son just months after his birth.

A photo from my photo shoot, a gift from photographer Charity Shaw