Equine Photogrpahy – Aumsville Oregon, with lovely Jacinda and all her furry friends!

I really enjoyed this session with Jacinda and her three horses, and her dog Oliver.  Her paint, Fizz, was a little prancing pony.  He didn’t like to hold still, not even for one moment!  He was a bit of a challenge to photograph, and it took some extra time to get just the right shot, and that’s ok!  Jacinda was stunning in the red orange glow of the setting sun.  Since orange is my favorite color, I just loved how it created a soft silhouette and seemed to light her hair on fire!

Jacinda has one of those faces that is not only beautiful, but strikingly strong.  I loved her hair and makeup, and how she could look straight off into the distance, or right into the camera.  Her little poodle, Oliver, was the happiest dog I have ever seen!  He was so photogenic!  Have you ever seen gold-green eyes?  Me either, until now!

I hope that these photos will be cherished for years to come, and as Fizz, Peep, and Prada grow.

I love Oregon, and the fall weather we have here. It’s the end of summer now, and everything is that gorgeous golden hue.  Soon, we will get deep browns, blues greys and all the pretty winter colors shortly behind it.  You may think that isn’t a great time of year to have pictures taken in Oregon, but fall and early winter are great times for sessions!

If you love these portraits, and you are located in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, let’s chat about your future session!

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