Equine Photography – Aurora Oregon

A secret hidden barn on a one way picturesque road bordering the beautiful Willamette River.  I turned into the private drive and found a gorgeous barn, arena and pasture.  The light was falling through the barn roof in such gorgeous little rays.  Two little ponies playfully kicked at each other, and I knew it was going to be one amazing photo shoot!

Odessa, a petite mare with her gorgeous red-brown blotches, didn’t disappoint.  She loved the whinny noises on my cell phone.  She also loved just hanging out with her “mommy.”  The first part of our session was gorgeous, with black background portraits right at the entrance to the stable.

Then we walked to a grassy lawn and took pictures with the light streaming down onto Odessa.

Finally we walked down the picturesque drive and found a sunny spot where we got the most beautiful back lit horse portraits.  I was searching for the shot, and not having very much luck, until this:

I immediately fell in love with these shots.  The glow was so warm it seemed like a halo from heaven, coming down and resting on this gorgeous pair.

At the end of the session, I was looking for a field to give us a nice backdrop.  We ended up in a tiny turn out pen, with the neighbor’s field behind us.  Odessa was very helpful and let Mary lay on her back.  My favorite portrait of the whole session was the second to last picture I took.

Which is your favorite?  Drop a comment below and let me know!

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