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Sometimes, I get the chance to photograph really special horses, and sometimes I get to photograph even more special people.  When I met Melissa on Facebook, and she asked me to photograph her draft cross, Buddy, I was immediately drawn to her story, and her tattoos!  Melissa is a fighter, a survivor and a hero.  She beat cancer.

So when I got to her session and saw how happy and loving and open she was to life, I couldn’t help but feel inspired.

Melissa has a tattoo on her middle finger.  It says “Cancer”.  You can imagine what happens when she shows you just that one tattoo, right?  Well that’s how I feel about cancer, too!  And then, I noticed that she had the word Power tattoed on her inner arm.  Seriously though, what more could a photographer ask for??  People add this kind of stuff in Photoshop after sessions to make photographic stories come to life!  This girl was killin it with her determined grace and beauty!

Equine Photography Beating Hearts Photography Oregon CityEquine Photography Oregon City Beating Hearts Photography

I fell in love with her horse, this big handsome mouthy fella.  He was all chill and sweet.  I had to use some horse sounds to get his ears to perk up, but he did seem pretty interested in the food growing outside the arena.  Grass, leaves, flowers, dirt… whatever. He was such a ham!

This is what I love about equine photography.  You get to see the POWER.  You get to see the GRACE.  The stories these horse and rider teams tell  are amazing!  Thanks Melissa for letting me be a part of your story!

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