Secrets to get the best maternity picture…

There are a few secrets I am going to share with all you expectant moms out there… The secrets to help you get the best maternity picture while pregnant.

Being pregnant is no walk in the park.  It is beautiful, and selfless, and wonderful, but for a moment I´m going to be really frank… being pregnant is hard, often unflattering, and sometimes down right frustrating.

Sometimes, clients have a location in mind, and I have to gently let them know why a certain location won´t be a good option for expectant moms.  

Sometimes clients have a pose in mind that may not work for your photo shoot or your pregnancy.  Try to listen to your photographer, and if you really want that pose or location, be flexible as the photographer works with you to make it work as best it can.  Client and photographer should be thinking outside the box!

When taking maternity pictures, think vertical!

Photos where you crouch down, as in a tulip field, near water, by a flower garden, are going to make you look shorter, and probably bigger around the middle than you really are.  These photos can be very unflattering.  Instead, choose a location that has vertical lines, like trees, or a building with strong upward motion.

Sitting Photos can work… if you know how to move your body!

Isn´t it the worst when you see yourself in a sitting position in a picture and realize you look really really bad?  Your photographer should be up on a step stool photographing you from above, or showing you where to put your arms, back and neck.  The smallest movements of your chin, upper arms, or knees can make a difference.  A picture can go from baby fluff to fabulous in just a moment!

Take pictures while peeking out from behind something!

There are some women who no matter how beautiful they are, still feel super yuck when pregnant.  That is totally ok, and pretty normal.  If that is you, you can still get a fabulous picture, with a little help from something hiding you a bit.  I like to position these mamas a bit behind a tree, and let their tummy peek-a-boo out.  These pictures are so adorable, and mom can feel confident knowing her body is somewhat hidden.

Siblings of the baby to be can help make an adorable photo!

Still feeling self conscious about that baby fluff?  Older siblings can help by hugging the belly, kissing the belly or peeking around the belly.  These are precious photos that everyone will love, and guess what mom?  The siblings help cover you so you won´t feel exposed.


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Whether you are 6 or 9 months along, you can get precious photos that make you feel gorgeous!

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