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Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

I help horse lovers like you stop time, preserve emotion, and safeguard the future through guided, boutique equine photography and high end heirloom products that ensure no matter what happens tomorrow, you will always have today.

Equine Photographer, Wife and Mom, Lover of Jesus, Horse Kiss Thief

I am so glad you stopped by!

I’m Elizabeth, and I photograph the intimate and beautiful bond between horses and their riders.   As an equestrian myself, I know how precious this time is with your horse, and how quickly this season will transform into the next.  The bond you share right now is in-explainable, and it’s important you find a photographer who understands that.  I don’t just take pictures of horses; I take pictures of the love we have for our horses, and I stop time ensuring that no matter what happens tomorrow, you will ALWAYS have today.

Over the years I have developed my own unique style and I am drawn toward vibrant dreamy colors, and natural, darker tones that create a sense of drama and romance.  This has allowed me to create works of art that truly tell a story that my clients cherish.

One awesome client shared “Elizabeth captures what most people don’t see.  She captured the true relationship, what makes being with our horse special.”

And another incredible client shared “I felt so beautiful and at ease when Elizabeth was photographing my horse and me.  She made me feel so special, and the photos captured me and my horse perfectly.”

Truthfully, I’m probably a lot like you.  I am a mother to four beautifully spunky kids, 3 boys and 1 girl.  I am so busy hanging out with them I had to sell my own horse, but I am still an equestrian through and through.  I have owned and trained several horses, including my once in a lifetime horse, William, a big blood bay gelding.  There really is nothing like the bond between a girl and her “heart horse”.

I absolutely love meeting new horses, and their people, too.  One of my favorite parts of every session is stealing those warm tickly whiskery horse kisses when you aren’t looking.  (Seriously.  I will totally be kissing your horse.) Thus the #HorseKissThief hashtag.

I love Carhartt, Ariat, and Romeos.  I love the smell of horses, hay, and leather.  I order steaming hot coconut milk lattes.  I would rather be outside with animals than inside with people.

I absolutely love Disney, and I have even hidden a Disney “easter egg” somewhere on this site. If you can find it, and tell me which princess is my favorite, I will bring you a special surprise the day of your session!

My life and business is only possible through the saving grace of Christ, the support of my loving husband, and the joy my children give me.

Contact me today to hear more about creating the perfect portrait of your loving bond with your horse!

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about the photographer elizabeth gillette heatshot
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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Me

Yes!  I absolutely had a heart horse.  His name was Rate Ruhlr, and his barn name was William.  He was a gorgeous 16.2h blood bay thoroughbred.  I bought him for $300 as an untouched 7 year old gelding.  He had been haltered, but that was about it.  I broke him from the ground up, and the experience was incredible!

He was amazing at liberty work, could walk, trot, and canter with voice commands, and had a wonderful mouth like butter.

The best part about William was that his heart was absolutely enormous, and like most thoroughbreds, did everything he could to please.  He was super sensitive, and a bit jumpy.  (Did someone say monster in the shadows??)

I had to sell William when my son was born.  Kids are apparently expensive.  (Throws hands into the air and rolls eyes).

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit William a few years after he was sold, and I am happy to share that he is healthy and happy in a wonderful home.

Here we are pictured together below.

elizabeth beating hearts photography equine horse photographer oregon

I am an English girl.  I love the feel of the close contact saddles, and how I can feel every muscle under the saddle as I ride.  I love jumping, dressage, and just quiet hacks around the arena, on trails, or the beach.

I dabbled in western riding, and was on the Santiam Canyon Rodeo Drill Team for a bit with my paint horse, Laredo.

But my English girls out there know what I’m talking about when I say, there is just nothing like hurtling over a fence, or doing flying changes in an arena with your fancies on.

I use Canon.  Currently I have a mirrorless camera for my main body, and a 5D Mark 3 as my backup.  I use several lenses depending on the shoot, the weather, and what I’m trying to achieve.

I also use flash occasionally, and studio lights sometimes.  I love using reflectors, and will often give your support person a reflector to hold.

Great question!  Beating Hearts Photography got it’s name from two different things.  First, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had an ultrasound to check her growth and the wand picked up her heartbeat and my own heartbeat from the umbilical cord.  It was such an amazing moment.

And second, from the quote “Throw your heart over the fence and your heart will follow.”  When you find your once in a lifetime horse, your “heart horse” there is really a connection between your heart and his.  I felt that “Beating Hearts Photography” captured that.

Sometimes, but it really depends on the project, my schedule, and whether or not it will work with my style.

The most common “non-equine” shoots I do are seniors, pet portraits, dog breed photos, and families.  I have also done a number of newborn shoots, engagement and maternity shoots.

If you are a repeat client, it is more likely that I will be able to accommodate your needs since we have a relationship already and I can envision what you need.