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Photography captures the moment as it is right now.  We will never have this moment again.  The moments are so fleeting, but the memory will last forever.    Years in the future, when you look at your prints, wall art and albums, you will remember every piece of the bond you shared with your horse.  The quiet early morning nicker.  The smell of her mane.  The sound of his hooves on a trail.  Your horse won’t always be with you, but the precious memories will be.  Portraits will keep the memory vivid for the rest of your life.


Want to take this information with you offline?  Download the client guide by clicking the button below.  For sessions, products, pricing, and more, you can read it at your leisure.

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A Session Package That Is Perfect For You…

Choose a session with your end product in mind.  Do you envision a gorgeous large black background fine art gallery wrap or canvas of your dressage horse to place over your couch or bed?  A statement piece that is large enough to wow everyone who comes into your home?  Do you envision a series of wall art prints and canvases to dress up your barn viewing room or tack room and turn your barn into a beautiful comfortable oasis?  Do you need an album to memorialize your horse?  Do you want to send Christmas cards to all your friends and family, or graduation announcements?  When you know exactly what you want, your session can be tailored to you and you alone.

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boutique all inclusive photography equine session oregon seniors horse photography
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Before the session:

You might receive a quick survey link in your email.  Filling it out will give me a better idea of exactly what you are hoping to achieve during the session.

On the day of the session:

Bring someone with you that can help you and your horse during the session.  This isn’t a requirement but it is highly recommended and will help you feel more relaxed and minimize stress. Having a helper will also ensure that we get the best possible image.

Have your horse groomed as if you were going to a world class show!  If you want to polish your horse, use baby oil so it doesn’t rub off on your face and clothing.

Have your makeup, nails and hair done and ready!  The camera will pick up everything, including chipped nail polish.  Pack touch up makeup and a comb and bring it along with.  Have your outfits pre-planned and ready to go.  Keep in mind your style and choose accordingly.  Are you a laid-back ranch girl that feels most at home in blue jeans?  Do you love the feminine feel and look of a sun dress? Whatever you choose, try to pick something that compliments your horse.

During the session:

I may pose you or your horse.

I will give you directions and help fix your hair.

Feel free to request certain shots.  I will do my best to accommodate you.

Have fun!

After the session:

You may receive a short survey link in your email.  Try to be as honest as possible while filling it out.  It is optional but it helps me hone my craft and offer the best photography experience possible.

A few watermarked previews will be posted on social media within a few days of the shoot.   This sneak peek and preview can be shared as soon as you get them!  Your session may be featured on my website in a blog post, too!

In about 3 to 4 weeks, your images will be fully edited.  Depending on your package, you will either receive the digital images, or order prints, albums and wall art.

When you receive your digital images, they are yours to use and share.  I appreciate image credit to Beating Hearts Photography, but it isn’t required.  If you loved your session and your images, you can give me a positive review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp!  Some reviews will be featured on my website!

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Prints, Canvas Art, Albums and More

Beautiful portraits were never meant to stay hidden and archived on a computer, or filed away in your Facebook albums, only to appear once a year in your memory feed.  That’s why Beating Hearts Photography offers a Full Service printing experience.

[vc_cta h2=”Click Here to Go To The Product Page” h4=”For Prints, Canvas, Albums and More!” txt_align=”center” shape=”square” style=”outline” color=”black” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”Products and Pricing” btn_style=”classic” btn_shape=”square” btn_color=”violet” btn_align=”center” btn_css_animation=”fadeIn” btn_link=”|||”]A Product Pricing Guide will help you make the right choice for your session, and  choose just the right product for your home decor, albums, prints and other products.


For A Limited Time Only

Barn Days!

Barn Days

If you board at a boarding facility, or you are a barn owner or manager, you can schedule a barn day for your clients.  Special pricing applies for all of your clients, as well as special perks such as photos of your lesson horses, a private shoot, or products to decorate your tack room or office, just for hosting the barn day!

We will choose a day, and I will provide a poster for your barn.  Your clients will sign up for slots, and pay the day of the shoot with cash, cash app or pay-pal.  I will be on site for the entire day, and often, when clients see how much fun their barn friends are having, they will sign up or request another barn day!

***Must have at least 4 sessions booked for barn days.

Each $85 30 minute session includes:

10 low resolution digital images suitable for social media

1 high resolution image of your choice if you leave a positive review on Google.